Friday, March 4, 2011

Fun Friend Friday!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!!  It's that time again FUN FRIEND FRIDAY!!!  This week I want to spotlight a cool "new" book blog so friends of mine are doing.  Some of my girls from Books Complete Me and Page Turners have started a joint blog for all of their "Adult" reviews.  I have to say that I love it.  I've been hearing about lots of great new books and authors through the new review page and the design is beauteous.  (And yes, that is a real word.  My spell check said so!)  The new joint review page for Adult/Mature themed reviews is Forbidden Reviews

I love their little graphics of the woman reading in the tub with a glass of... juice.  That is exactly how I take my mini vacations after a long day with the kids or running errands.  My kids think it is "How Mommies Take Time Outs".   So, if you are looking for some more grown up reading materials or with summer coming up you need some risque beach reading- head on over and check out Forbidden Reviews.  Same great reviewers that you'll find on Page Turners and Books Complete Me- just a different "menu" and venue!! 

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