Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

I've had Hex Hall on my To Read list for a while so I was excited to have won a copy.  It sat on my shelf for less than a week before I just HAD to read it.  Hex Hall is the first book in the Hex Hall Series.  The second book, Demonglass, came out on March 1st but I haven't read it yet, so no spoilers!  

Sophie has been a witch trying to live a normal teenage life for the last three years.  She's had her fair share of magical accidents which have forced her mother to move her around the country more than once.  But after a prom night spell gone terribly wrong, Sophie is sent to Hex Hall as punishment by the council in charge of all the Prodigium.  She's expected to learn and mend her ways while she is there but that isn't really what happens.  On her first day alone Sophie manages to make enemies with the coven of popular witches and embarrasses herself in front of a super hot warlock.  It certainly doesn't help that her roommate is pretty much the least liked person in school who is not only the only vampire student but she also is a possible murder suspect.  Life at Hex Hall is anything but easy for Sophie.  When a second student in murdered, Sophie has to figure out what or who is killing her classmates and why.  She also finds that nowhere is safe from a secret group of supernatural hunters who seek the end of the all Prodigium.  Will Sophie figure it all out or will her new friend suffer for crimes she may not have committed?  And what if the biggest threat to them all is within the walls of their "safe" school?

I really liked this book.  It was a fast paced and fun read that kept me guessing until the end.  It wasn't predictable and that was great.  The students fit all kinds of teenage stereotypes but honestly, what high school DOESN'T have "Populars" and "Preppies" and "Nerds" and what not?  I know mine did.  So, while people hate the stereotypes and their use in YA, sorry but the truth hurts.  These kinds of people really do exist.  So, why wouldn't they in a world with supernaturals in it?  Where there are teens- there will be high school cliques.  True Story.  I liked Sophie's character because I could relate to her. She just wants to fit in.  She wants to find a place in the world where she belongs and to make friends, she tries to do them favors.  But her magical favors tend to blow up in her face.  She's never met her father.  He's spoken to her on the phone and in emails but she has to learn how to use her powers on her own until she reaches Hex Hall.  Her mother is normal so she can only do so much.  Then Sophie finds out that her parents have been keeping secrets from her that have a direct impact on her social situation at Hex Hall.  She barely knows anything about the world of magic while her classmates seem to know everything.  I really feel for Sophie.  I love her roommate, Jenna, the pink loving lesbian vampire.  Jenna is so strong and she's a great friend to Sophie. 

Hex Hall earns 4 Fairies for a unique plot and interesting characters.

You can learn more about the Hex Hall series on Rachel's blog (she has some SERIOUSLY funny posts, like the one about "Freaking at School Dances Posters" that she saw while on tour.) and you can follow her on Twitter, I totally do.  Remember, Hex Hall Book 2: Demonglass is already out so go find it!!

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