Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group by Catherine Jinks

Toby is a a celebrity.  Even people in America know who he is.  Well, they don't know his name but they do know about him.  He's the boy who was found sleeping naked in the dingo pen at Featherdale Park.  Toby has no idea how he got there, though he thinks his best friends may have had a hand in it.  His mother assumes that one of them slipped him drugs.  The doctors can't figure it out either.  But a mysterious letter from a priest sends him on a strange and dangerous adventure.  Could he really be a werewolf?!

This book was easy to read and pretty fun.  I liked that Toby is young (about 14) and Australian.  It made his story even more exciting that it was kind of exotic.  The books ties directly into Catherine Jinks' other book, The Reformed Vampire Support Group, with characters from that book appearing in this one.  The book was really not bad but it was obviously written for a younger audience (Middle Grades, perhaps).  I liked the book and didn't find Toby to be terribly whiny or annoying.  He did seem to fight the obvious conclusions, such as that he was indeed a werewolf.  But it wasn't in anyway hard to read.  I found Toby to be pretty funny and felt that the book moved along at a decent pace.  As I said earlier, this book seems to be aimed at middle grades or young high school aged readers and it is a perfect fit for them.  You can find out more about Catherine Jinks and her books by visiting her website.

Abused Werewolf Rescue Group gets 3 Fairies for being a funny story about Australian werewolves and vampires working together for the greater good.

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