Thursday, April 21, 2011

Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

Tera Lynn Childs' new series follows a mermaid named Lily who is trying out life on land with her aunt who is human.  Living on land with her human aunts is helping her learn more about her mother, who died when she was young.  Her father, king of the merpeople, hopes that she will find The One.  Mermaids bond for life so meeting The One and kissing them is a Big Deal.  Lily thinks she knows the perfect human boy, the popular swim team captain who is almost as at home in the water as she is.  But when a Lily makes a mistake and kisses the wrong boy, what will happen?  Is the jock, Brody really perfect for her?  And what about her annoying neighborhood bad boy, Quince?

I loved this book!! It was so refreshing and unique!  Usually, main characters who refuse to see the right answer is right in front of them tend to annoy me but I actually liked watching Lily realize that she'd been wrong.  It was great to get to see her learn something about herself and about the boys in her life.  Her father is a great character too.  He loves his daughter so much that her being the heir means far less to him than he finding the right man and being happy.  What a great father-daughter relationship!!  I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Quince!!  On the surface, he seems like an obnoxious jerk but underneath the facade he is a great man who takes care of his mom and is in love with the girl who doesn't even see him.  Who doesn't love the good guy with a dark side?!  I suggest this book for teens and up.  There really isn't any sexual shenanigans in the story but there is kissing and some teenage romance.  I really liked this and I can't wait for the next book in the Fins Series!  You can find out more about Tera's books on her website.  You can also follow her on Twitter.

Forgive my fins earns 5 Fairies for being a great mermaid tale with a sweet book boy! 

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