Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell

Okay, first let me say that this book took me forever to read, like two months, because every time I'd pick it up the kids would do SOMETHING that required immediate action.  It was like a curse.  Finally, I told the husband that I HAD to finish the book and that I was off duty until such a time that it was finished.  I locked myself in the bedroom and read.  Crazy, I know, but it worked!

Amelia van den Broek goes to visit her cousins in Baltimore in the summer of 1889.  She's there to attend balls and wear new dresses in order to secure herself a good match.  Her brother has sent her from Maine in hopes that she will find someone from good society to marry so that he'll no longer have to worry for her future but one evening, Amelia sees something in the vespers, the light at the end of the day.  It's the time of the great Spiritualist movement so once word gets out about her "visions," everyone wants her to read for them.  As Amelia experiments with her ability, she learns that not all her visions are happy and safe.  She also falls for Nathaniel, a young artist, who is not a member of Society but a poor young man who scrapes together what he can to fund his painting.  She knows that he isn't a good match but she can not keep herself from meeting him and dancing with him.  But she also knows that Nathaniel has secrets of his own.  When Amelia sees a tragedy happen within her close circle of friends and then another, she tries to keep the deaths from occurring but when they do despite her best efforts, what will happen to her?  What chance does she stand with Nathaniel?

The Vespertine is an amazing book that is unlike anything that I have ever read.  It takes a few chapters for you to see how it is a YA, Paranormal/Fantasy, Historical novel but in the end it is just sheer brilliance.  Some people have a hard time reading the book due to the way it is written with the period speak and flash backs.  I really enjoy period books though, so I was really into this book.  I know there is a companion book The Springsweet that is slated to be released next year.  You can learn more about the books on Saundra's website and you can follow her on Twitter!!  Be sure to read this if you get a chance, it is sure to be on everyone's Best I've Read 2011 lists!!

The Vespertine earns 5 Fairies for an intriguing Historical/Paranormal read with a wonderful book boy!


ChrisS said...

Thanks for the review. This book has caught my eye and looks interesting. I have added it to my tbr.

Mindy fangedmom said...

I just got this book. now I am even more excited to read it. LOVE your review. We might have to have another book chat!!

Megan said...

The ending will kill you Mindy!! ;) Thanks for the comments guys!!