Friday, January 6, 2012

First Ever Flash Friday!

Welcome to my very first Flash Friday!!  Flash Friday is so named because of the boy who first brought me into the world of DC Comics: Wally West- the first Kid Flash and the third Flash.  He was arguably the "fastest man alive" in the DC-verse but sadly, in the New 52 Reboot of DC Comics, Wally no longer exists.  I love the little comic to the right here.  I've seen others that are funnier but this one makes me want to cry a little.  Now on to the comics.

A little overview first, I buy all of my main line comics from The Realm Comics and Games, a LOCAL independently run store.  The guys that run the store are super sweet, helpful and in no way too cool to help a newbie like me.  I adore them.  For back issues, I order from My Comic Shop.  I use Comixology to make sure I have a tight pull list and I don't get behind on my comics.  You can also buy digital comics there.  I order my kids' comics subscriptions: Batman Brave and the Bold, Tiny Titans and Young Justice direct from DC.  I also use the software Comic Collector to keep track of the books I have and the ones I need.  I am currently only reading DC Comics because I don't really like Marvel and their work.  The series' that I'm reading are: Batman, Batman & Robin, Nightwing, The Flash, Green Arrow, Teen Titans, Superboy, Red Hood and the Outlaws and The Justice League.  All of these comics are rated T for Teens.

As for this week's trip to the comic book store, I bought:
My Comic purchases for Jan. 4

  • Red Hood and the Outlaws # 2 and #3 - because I just HAVE to read the series that has Jason Todd & Roy Harper in it.  I could live without Starfire and her lack of clothes but that's life I guess.
  • Batman #2, #3 and #4  - this series I have to have because of the cross over between this book, Nightwing and Teen Titans.  We see a fair amount of mask-less Dick Grayson and Tim Drake.  SCORE!  And it's got tons of classic Batman detective work.
  • The new Green Arrow #5 - I love Green Arrow even though I miss his Van Dyke.  I hope the facial hair comes back but Ollie never disappoints action-wise or beliefs-wise.  Love some Ollie Queen. 
  • I did NOT get my Teen Titans from last week. :(  it's still on order.  And I REALLY want to read it too.  
 All of the books have been read and bagged/boarded.  I loved them all.  I have yet to read a bad DC Comic.  Even though the lack of Wally makes me sad- the books are still amazing.  To close the first Flash Friday, here's a shot of my collection so far (minus the 2 boxes of comics still on order).

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