Friday, January 27, 2012

Flash Friday!

It's Friday once again! This week was an awesome one for hitting the comic book shop. I got a pull box set up at the shop so that I won't have to worry about missing books and I got kids comics ordered for my kiddos. High Five! The new books I'm reading this week are: Justice League, Teen Titans, and The Flash. My husband bought Aquaman and The Savage Hawkman.

Teen Titans #5- Wow. The Teen Titans race to New York to save Wonder Girl and face off against Superboy. This issue is fast paced and thrilling as we see how the team is not really a team yet. Red Robin tries to lead but Kid Flash is not so much a team player. Tim is going to have a time of getting Bart to work as a member of a team. Superboy and Red Robin have a heart to heart that doesn't end well for either of them. And as always, Brett Booth's art is amazing. I think Teen Titans may have the best pencils of all of the book I read. LOVE IT! Next issue the team has to try and fix Bart, there will be a cameo from another DC character AND Kid Flash's NEW 52 Remodeled Uniform will debut. I'm excited for all of that! Teen Titans #5 earns 5 Flashes for being everything a comic book should be. It's beautiful and exciting. The only downer for me was Bart's attitude.

Justice League #5-  It's an exciting issue of Justice League!  Cyborg meets the others just moments after the accident that turned him into Cyborg.  Superman is taken by the demons that they're fighting and Batman removes the cowl before going to save Superman.  YUM!  Any time you get to see Bruce Wayne and not The Batman is a high five moment.  Hal Jordan is a pretty funny guy, even if he is a total jerk.  It's interesting to see his friendship with Barry "The Flash" Allen.  They are pretty much the only comic releif in these books thus far.  Seeing the founding of the Justice League is pretty Epic! Justice League #5 earns 4 Flashes for being a crazy interesting read with plenty of Bruce Wayne and The Flash.  I can't wait for the next issue!

The Flash #5- The Flash has it coming at him from all directions in this issue! He has to help the people left in the dark by the EMP blast and stranded by the bridge explosion.  Then he has to save Iris West from Iron Heights prison.  We actually have a moment of emotion between Iris and Barry- YAY!  I'm not liking how close Barry is with the girl he works with.  I'm Team Iris, I guess.  He saves his friend even though it kills Mob Rule and his friend is not thankful for the assist.  Jerk.  Next issue we see Captain Cold, the first of the Rogues and we learn more about the Speed Force.  The Flash #5 gets 5 Flashes for being an all around fast paced book with some great Flash action!

I hope to see you back next week when the new release will be Green Arrow #6.  In honor of Red Robin's new uniform, have a cartoon that I found on Tumblr.  Unfortunately, the artist's name is missing but it's still a great piece.

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