Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kilt and Keeley

Today is an awesome day for all Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready fans everywhere!! Today is the big kick off for Kilt and Keeley, the new fansite for the Shade Series! Here is the official schedule found on Kilt & Keeley!

Schedule of Events

January 5, 10:30am EST/9:30am CST - “Zach and Logan in the Morning!” A twitter chat “Community” style. Debuts with Special Guests Amy and Jen from Fictitious Delicious. Follow with #ZOGANam hashtag.

January 5: 9:00pm EST/8:00pm CST -“A Chat with the Woman Upstairs”

Have a question for Jeri? Here’s your chance!

This will be a live chat event that can be accessed at this link:

OR you can join the chat on our Facebook Page:

It doesn’t matter how you get to us…just BE THERE! Giveaways abound!

January 9 – 15: Salvatore Week! Show your love for all things Aura & Co.


01/09/12: A special “We love Aura” blog post

01/10–13/12: Aura Love..Team Kilt style!! We want YOU to show some love to Aura, too. Creatively. We’ll award prizes for best picture, best poem/song and best video, and maybe a wild card or two! Go find your muse and get to work!

January 16–22: It’s Keeley time! Come celebrate the Irish Punk Rock side of Team Kilt!


01/16/12: A blog post dedicated to the Keeley’s. Comment to show your love!

01/17–20/12: It’s Trivia Time! Do you have what it takes to be an honorary Keeley? You better start studying now.

01/21/12: Trivia winners announced

January 23–29: It’s Kilt time! Come celebrate all things Scottish with us!


01/23/12: A blog post dedicated to the Kilt. Comment to show your love!

01/25/12: Burns Night. One of Scotland’s biggest cultural holidays, Burns Day/Night celebrates the poet Robert Burns and all things Scottish. It will run throughout the day, but there’ll also be special events, including an “Ask a Real Scotsman” Q&A on Twitter at 4pm EST, featuring Fraser McFarlane (@StreetSpiritPic).

January 30–31: We’re ending the month with a whole lotta love for The Woman Upstairs.


01/30/12: A very special message for Jeri. Write your own and be ready to post!

01/31/12: We’re FINALLY announcing the biggest, coolest giveaway of the century to show Jeri just how much we love ALL love her. You do NOT want to miss out on this one, guys. We’re talking HUGE. It’s so huge it has taken FIVE of us to pull it off properly. (Holla to Jen Duffey!) 

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