Friday, March 2, 2012

Flash Friday!

Hi guys! I missed so much in the last two weeks as we prepared for my eldest son's birthday. He turned 8 and BOY DO I FEEL OLD! This week's Flash Friday will actually cover the books from last week's pull list as this week's pull list is only Tiny Titans and Justice League. Next week will be a slow week too as our pull list only has Green Arrow set to drop. Last week's pull list included: Aquaman, The Flash, The Savage Hawkman and Teen Titans.

Aquaman #6- This book is just awesome. I love Mera. She's so strong and sure of herself. She stands up to those who mistreat her and she really wants to give living among humans a try. Mera's a hero in her own right and you'll know it after this book for sure. Mera and Arthur are a great couple and a great team. I have to say that I'm not regretting picking up Aquaman after seeing it listed as number one on the list of "Must Read New 52 Titles." In this book, Mera goes to buy food for their newly acquired dog and learns some things about humans. She also reminds the world why they shouldn't call her Aquawoman or a Mermaid.  Aquaman #6 earns 5 Flashes for showing Mera as a hero in her own right.

The Flash #6-  WOAH!  In this book we see our first all out battle with Captain Cold, one of Flash's main Rogues.  Cold and Flash have an epic battle and we learn more about Captain Cold in the New 52.  His backstory has changed and it's making his issues with the Flash that much more personal.  We also see his new uniform which is pretty fantastic.  I have to say that I love seeing a good, old fashioned Rogue battle.  It's what the Flash has always done.  He fights the large number of Rogues who visit and inhabit the Twin Cities.  It's nice to see Barry Allen doing what he's always done best.  I also LOVE Francis Manapul's pencils.  He draws gorgeous covers and no one draws Barry Allen quite so beautifully.  I feel like The Flash is a perfect fit for Manapul's work.  The New 52 Flash is the greatest that the Flash has ever looked!  The Flash #6 earns 5 Flashes for a great Rogue fight, a new look and story for Captain Cold and for some amazing art!

The Savage Hawkman #6-  In this book, Hawkman must deal with Gentleman Ghost.  Gentleman Ghost will be familiar to anyone who's played the Batman: The Brave and The Bold video game.  Gentleman Ghost is a Golden Age of comics villain who has always opposed the Hawkman but also makes the rounds bothering lots of other heroes over the years, including the Dark Knight.  This incarnation of Gentleman Ghost is perfect for this incarnation of Hawkman.  Hawkman's books have been gritty and a bit dark and the Hawkman himself has been as well.  This is a big change from some of his incarnations based on his Golden Age persona (for example, his appearance on Batman: The Brave and The Bold).  This book is a bit dark and eerie as Hawkman tries to thwart Gentleman Ghost who is trying to get the Mortis Orb which he eventually does... thanks to Hawkman.  The next book will feature Hawkman trying to fend off Craddock's undead army and word is that we'll see a cameo from STATIC, who had a cameo in this month's Teen Titans (more on that in a second).  Hawkman #6 earns 4 Flashes for bringing in a classic Hawkman villain and for continuing to keep Hawkman relevant and interesting.

Teen Titans #6-  This book is full of stuff!! We get a cameo from STATIC.  (His book got cancelled but he is getting more play than ever!)  The Titans take Kid Flash to S.T.A.R labs in New York City where Red Robin asks Virgil Hawkins (STATIC) to help Kid Flash.  Virgil assesses the situation and creates Kid Flash's new suit which should help him regulate.  Something is budding between Solstice and Kid Flash.  Bunker comes so far out of the closet that there's no mistaking it.  The team also has to fend off a teenage metahuman who is firmly on the villain side of the spectrum.  Things are really heating up for the Teen Titans.  Next month we'll see them take on N.O.W.H.E.R.E. in an attempt to free the Superboy.  Then in April we'll see the lead up to the first Teen Titans Annual which will come out in May.  The annual will include the big cross over event that Scott Lobdell is calling "Hear and Now."  I can't wait!!  Teen Titans #6 earns 5 Flashes for being a visually stunning thrill ride with non stop action.

Next week, we'll have Justice League, Green Arrow and Tiny Titans!  Remember too that this weekend is the premier of DC Nation on Cartoon Network!!! New Young Justice, Green Lantern and DC Shorts will air in the 10 am to 11 am block on both Saturday and Sunday!  Be sure to set your DVR!

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