Monday, May 21, 2012

Ravager: Fresh Hell By Sean McKeever, David Hine Art by Yildiray Cinar & Georges Jeanty

Ravager: Fresh Hell occurs after Teen Titans: Child's Play.  Rose "The Ravager" Wilson has split from the Teen Titans and gone out on her own.  Here's the Goodreads blurb:

Since the time Robin the Boy Wonder first joined Batman's battle for justice, teenaged heroes have gathered together to take on evil and learn from each other as the Teen Titans. In this volume, Beast Boy and Raven return to the fold to help Wonder Girl stabilize the Teen Titans in the wake of their battle with the Fearsome Five(Teen Titans: Child's Play). After a falling out with the Teen Titans, Ravager sets off on her own.
Rose Wilson has left the Teen Titans because they made it clear that they would never trust her.  So she strikes out on her own to prove that she is not her brother or her father.  She's not going to lose her mind and hurt people like Joey did and she's not the ruthless killer that her father is.  At least, Rose hopes that she isn't either of those things.  She strikes out into the frozen country and when she finds a smuggling ring selling teen girls (and some even younger) to the highest bidder, Rose simply has to act.  She pushes herself to the limit to free the girls and shut down the human trafficking ring- nearly dying in the process.  But The Ravager pulls through and saves as many of the girls as she can.  She can't save them all and the deaths that the girls have witnessed will surely change them forever but at least they can try to find their own ways now and start new lives.  Something that Rose hopes that she can do herself.  She never wants to be a pawn in her father's game again.  She knows that the other teen heroes will never trust her but she's used to being on her own.  I don't think that anyone can ever really get Rose.  She acts up in Titans Tower, trying to seduce her teammates and saying things that are far too pragmatic for the Titans' comfort.  She gets along famously with Damian when he comes to the tower.  I think they are both in the same situation.  They were raised in such a way that they are not really open to friendships and family- the basis of the Teen Titans.  They work better when they have one or two people who they can trust and only a small network of family.  They can't handle all of the social and moral issues that come with being a Titan.  I don't believe that Rose is inherently bad.  She's a good person who has been put through hell and has come out the other side damaged.  She's lost so many people that she cared about and now it's just easier for her to be numb to others.  Ravager: Fresh Hell really lets us get a good look at the real Ravager.

I give this one 3 Fairies for a good story that helps us get to know Rose but it's still vague on so many of the things that she's going through.  We're left with as many questions at the end as we started with.

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