Friday, May 25, 2012

Flash Friday!

This week I have a pretty diverse group of comics for review!  We have Blue Beetle, Justice League, Superboy and Arkham Unhinged.  The Night of the Owls is still going strong in the Batman world but we take a break this week to review the other great books out now.

Superboy #9-  The Culling continues this week with Superboy, The Teen Titans and The Legion fighting to save metahuman teens in the Crucible.  Harvest's Ravagers have arrived now that the Titans and Legion have taken everyone else out to keep them from harming each other.  Superboy must face Warblade, leader of the Ravagers, but he doesn't have to do it alone.  Will the heroes ever escape from Harvest and can they save any of the teens that Harvest has gathered for the Culling?  The story will continue in Teen Titans # 9 and then Ravagers #1.  The art is this issue was nice.  It's great to see a bunch of characters and have each one be really different looking from the others.  The Tron suits are getting old but other than that, it's a pretty issue.  We also get some great Tim Drake moments and Bart has a couple of moments with one of the Legionaires.  Overall, Superboy #9 earns 4 Flashes for a pretty book that moves us closer to the end of The Culling.

Blue Beetle #9-  Jaime is still in New York but now he's faced with Green Lantern and the Guardians.  Not good news for Jaime.  But there are bigger things afoot and Jaime proves to Kyle Raynor that he's not a bad guy.  But Kyle is called away to Odym, the home planet of the Blue Lanterns.  So, once again, Jaime is left on his own in a strange place.  The art is lovely in this book but I really wonder if the angsty direction that DC is taking this one might be a mistake.  The sales numbers released recently weren't great and most Jaime fans disagree with making such a well adjusted and lovable character who relied on his friends and family into a teen runaway.  I'm enjoying the story so far but I do hope that something happens soon to help Jaime through this transition from normal teen to teenaged hero.  I hate angst and the angst mixed with a slow moving plot is kinda killing me.  We'll see what happens to Jaime Reyes this summer.  Blue Beetle #9 earns 3 Flashes for a book with great art and interesting story.

Justice League #9-  This issue of the Justice League also continues with the extra story of Billy Batson and Shazaam!  Someone is out to take down the Justice League an they're tearing the country apart to do it.  We also are reminded why Flash can't be Bad Cop while interrogating a suspect.  Members of the Justice League are responding to disturbances across the country and finding that someone is collecting information about them.  While they are too busy to notice, their liaison is taken and when his family is threatened, how can he stand against his torturer?  In Shazaam, Billy Batson turns out to be more than a kid whose seen it all and decided that the world is a hard place.  When push comes to shove, he stands up for what he beleives in and there's nothing he hates more than a bully.  Also, someone is unearthing the Tomb of Black Adam.... not good.  Justice League #9 earns 4 Flashes for interesting tidbits of backstory, great art and proof that while the world puts their safety in the hands of the Justice League, it's members are still human (mostly) and not infallible.

Arkham Unhinged #2-  Arkham Unhinged is giving us the lead up to the story that plays out in the game Arkham City.  (Which is an amazing game, really.)  We see what Batman, Oracle, Robin and Nightwing have been up to before Bruce Wayne lands himself in Arkham City at the start of the game.  Batman and the others are trying to figure out what Sharp is up to in setting up this penal colony and how Hugo Strange is behind it all.  This book has really nice art and the characters are all kept true to their game designs.  Overall this is a great book.  Can't wait for the next one!  Arkham Unhinged #2 earns 5 Flashes for an all around great book.

Next week we'll have: Aquaman, Batman Incorporated, The Flash, The Savage Hawkman, Teen Titans, and hopefully, the copies of Catwoman and Batman that we're waiting on! Hope to see you back then.

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