Friday, June 1, 2012

Flash Friday!

This week was a pretty great week for comics!  Our kids got their first issue of the new Superman Family Adventures from Art Baltazar and Franco.  They were the geniuses behind Tiny Titans and Super Pets.  Superman Family Adventures is a great kids comic.  We also got Catwoman #9, Batman Annual #1, Young Justice #16, The Ravagers #1, and Batwing #9.

Catwoman #9-  Catwoman doesn't get the call about the Talons but instead comes face to face with one by chance while she cases the Penguin's brownstone.  She and Spark have to stop the Talon from killing Penguin and leave the downed Talon for Batman.  This is a great example of Selina Kyle's character.  She is so much more than a simple thief.  She has lots of emotional depth that I really love.  She can see herself in others.  She has great empathy and compassion.  Bruce Wayne and Batman could do far worse than Selina Kyle.  I hope we get to see them together in the Batman titles or I will have to add Catwoman to my pull.  Catwoman #9 earns 5 Flashes for an awesome book about a great character.

Batwing #9-  Marcus To begins his run on Batwing with this issue and what an issue it is!  David has to deal with the lethal Talon sent to kill Lucius Fox.  I didn't read Batwing before but I may need to add it to my pull list.  The art is lovely- of course, Marcus To can make anything beautiful.  His art is fabulous.  The writing on Batwing is strong too so this book is a win all around.  I'm thinking that I will have to collect the back issues on this one for sure because there are a few Dick and Damian cameos.  I love seeing them work together.  Overall, Batwing #9 had some great action, some great lines and lovely art.  Batwing #9 earns 5 Flashes for an overall great book.  The best lines were: "He moves like Nightwing" and "This is how we compromise in Africa."

Batman Annual #1-  The Night of the Owls continues with the real story of Victor Fries and how he got involved with the Court of the Owls.  Nightwing and Robin guest star in this amazing issue that examines the story behind Mr. Freeze and how he came to be. It's an epic issue that messes with your mind and reminds you just how bad of a guy Victor Fries is.  This huge issue has some great art that really draws you into the world of Gotham.  I will never look at Mr. Freeze again the same way.  I really enjoyed seeing Dick and Dami together again as well.  All around, this book is as epic as the first Batman Annual of the New 52 should be.  I give Batman Annual #1 5 Flashes.

The Ravagers #1-  The Ravagers is a spin off from the Superboy, Legion Lost and Teen Titans comics and the Culling event that they all came together in during May.  The Ravagers follows Dr. Fairchild as she runs for her life with the teenage metahumans that she helped escape from Harvest and N.O.W.H.E.R.E.  Beast Boy and terra make an appearance but it is short lived.  The art is comparable to Superboy and the story line is interesting.  I really don't know where Ravagers, Superboy or Teen Titans is going to go out of the Culling so I think time will tell for this title.  I give it 3 Flashes.

Young Justice #16-  In a new storyline we get to see Kid Flash, Artemis and Robin work with their mentors to solve a series of crimes perpetrated across the country.  This is a great issue.  The characterization is great and the way the different teams work together is really well done.  You can tell that Batman and Robin are old pros at working together while Kid Flash and Flash are still working on their team work and Artemis and Green Arrow are still new to working together.  What a fun and interesting book!!!  I loved Barry's line about him being CSI before CSI was cool.  Great stuff!! This book gets 5 Flashes for being awesome.

Next week, I'll be in New York for Book Expo America but I will still have a comic related feature on Friday- straight from New York City!  See you then!!

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