Monday, June 4, 2012

BEA ... we're on our way!

My epic journey to BEA began this morning at 2 AM when I had to pack my bags into the car and rouse my family for the hour and a half trip to the train station.  It was a good thing that we left with plenty of time to in case of an issue because the AMTRAK directions had us going down a closed road.  So, we spent an hour looking for the only other way into the parking area for the station.  Once there, I met up with Kendra from Books Complete Me and we went in to get our tickets and check our checked bags.  We're taking the train from Cleveland, Ohio to Penn Station in New York.  The trip is supposed to take 12 hours.  We had breakfast in the cafe car this morning and lunch in the dining car with two lovely older gentlemen.  The food has been pretty good.  The trip has also been far better than the trip last year which involved an AWFUL experience driving through Pennsylvania.  It was like being in the Twilight Zone- never ending hills and curves where everything looks the same and there is no end in sight.  Our train arrived at Penn Station at about 6:30 PM but we could not get our luggage until nearly 8.  We checked into the hotel, went for real New York Pizza and got some snacks at the store on the corner near the hotel.  Now I am sitting in my room waiting for my roommates to arrive and trying to plan out my day for tomorrow.  It's all pretty exciting and I'm sure that the time will fly by.  I'm planning to get up at 6:30 AM to get ready.  Breakfast here in the hotel with everyone from our blogger block and Spencer Hill Press is at 7:45 and I need to be at the Javitz to get my badge around 8.  I'm going to go attempt to plan out my day and I will see you all back here tomorrow night when I recap tomorrow's events which will be many.

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La'Tia Mullins said...

Don't you just love NYC? I'm also going to be at BEA its my first year going and I can't wait.