Friday, June 15, 2012

Flash Friday!

Hi everyone!  I'm SO glad to be home after the long and excitement filled week that was BEA.  I managed a trip to Forbidden Planet in New York while I was there (in between long busy nights and exhaustion)!  It was really nice to be in a comprehensive comic shop where I could find toys, manga, collected editions and more all in one place but the same day that I got back from NY, I HAD to run to my local store to get my pull list comics.  So, in today's post I have the comics that I got at Forbidden Planet, the ones I got on my return and the ones I got on Wednesday.  It's some great stuff!!

Batman & Robin #10-  I wish I had read this one before BEA so I could have high fived Peter Tomasi for it.  This issue proves that he knows his Robins.  Tumblr is littered with posts about this issue because it is so lovely.  You really get the personality of everyone in the Bat Family and it's SO great.  Dick is the peace keeper whose heart breaks when Damian challenges his brothers.  Tim is trying to be his own hero now but that doesn't out weigh his dislike for Damian.  Jason is cracking jokes to cover his pain but still I think he's honored to be considered a Robin and worthy.  Even though we all know he'd never admit it.  Bruce is trying to make everyone into a perfect vision of a family for his portrait but really, the rough edges are what make them a family.  Titus just follows Damian. Alfred isn't entirely comfortable with his inclusion in "family".    The art is -as always- beautiful.  This book is just amazing and I know Robin fans will be buying this one up!  And there's more Robins coming!  Batman & Robin #10 earns 5 Flashes for having all the makings of comic perfection.
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Batman: Arkham Unhinged #1-  This book is part of the series that was initially released as digital but is now being released in print.  It's a companion story to the video game Batman: Arkham City.  My son and I love Arkham City and we've played it though at least twice now.  It's great and this first book covers the basis for the Catwoman and Two-Face Feud that plays out in the game.  The art is wonderful and I love that we're getting the prequel to the game- essentially.  My only complaint is the same one that I have with the game.  Is Selina's zipper broken??? Is her chest held in with tape??? How does she flip off buildings and fight with thugs and not have her chest flying all over with that zipper so open?!  It defies gravity and all of the laws of physics.  It does.  Batman Arkham Unhinged earns 4 Flashes because the improbability of Selina's decolletage loses it a Flash.

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Batman #10-  I'm convinced that there's a school that you have to attend before you can write the main line Batman books.  It's were they teach you to write comics that will blow people's minds and completely leave them confused by the end of the book.  You never see the truth coming at you in a Batman book.  NEVER. It just sneaks up on you and smacks you in the face.  It's the thing that makes it a Batman comic- the psychological element.  This new back story that is coming to light in Batman #10 is pretty interesting as it dovetails in the Pennyworths and ties them to the Waynes and Batman's origin.  I really loved this one.  It's everything that a Batman book should be.  All the highest of fives to Scott Snyder on his genius.  Batman #10 earns 5 Flashes for a mind melting story with great art.

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Superboy #10-  This issue has a guest artist, Sebastion Fiumara, and his art is AMAZING!  He should be put on SB permanently.  He made this issue.  In this issue we see Superboy and Wonder Girl stranded on some Land of the Lost type island.  There's definitely some tension between them but I'm glad that Lobdell didn't just go and throw them together like we've seen happen over and over.  Kon gives Cassie the name that Kara gave him when she saw him a few issues back.  He learns about eating and how to not get to kiss Wonder Girl. In the next SB issue, he goes to New York with Bunker which sounds like the best idea I've ever heard.  I really enjoyed this book.  Really.  This has to be my favorite issue of Superboy yet.  Can't wait to see the team find each other again in Teen Titans 10!!  Superboy 10 earns 4 Flashes for a great book that is beautiful to look at but the writing is still pretty lame.

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Ravagers #2-  The Ravagers is the spin off from The Culling event that brought together Superboy, Teen Titans and Legion Lost.  Ravagers follows 2 groups of survivors who are running from N.O.W.H.E.R.E.  The main group consists of Fairchild, Thunder, Lightning and Ridge.  The secondary group is Terra and Beast Boy (he's now ORANGE- in case you missed the memo).  This book has some great art- even with the characters still in their Tron suits froom the culling.  The story line is interesting.  You aren't sure what to think or who to side with because Harvest is definitely evil but it seems like it was part of the plan to send the strongest of the meta-kids out into the world to tear it apart.  Which very well may happen since they don't remember how to function outside of Harvest's twisted world.  I'm excited to see Beast Boy getting his own storyline and to see him with Terra.  Terra may even get to be a great fleshed out character in the reboot.  A classic Titans bad guy is coming soon to the Ravagers... Jason Blood is going to make his New 52 debut and he looks scary as heck.  All in all I'm glad that I put the Ravagers on my pull.  4 Flashes to this book!

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Green Arrow #10-  This book was nice.  It's nice to Ollie as himself.  As compassionate and caring.  The art was good in this issue and I'm glad for that.  The idea of robot people or people robots is pretty creepy so I guess we'll have to see where it goes.  I also feel like I missed something about the fall out that Ollie must have gone through after getting stranded out in the arctic.  I love that Green Arrow is getting to become a strong character in his own right with this title- there's no Dinah and no sidekicks.  I just wish we'd get to see him interact with the other heroes.  We already saw him get turned down by the Justice League and offered a chance for another team or something but when will we get to see WHAT?!  I could really use more Green Arrow.  I give this one 3 Flashes for being a great book but not enough Green Arrow for me.

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Next week will be a great week for comics too!  We'll be getting Birds of Prey, Astonishing X-Men, Blue Beetle, Justice League, Nightwing, Red Hood & the Outlaws and Young Justice.  It should be exciting!  Hope to see you back next week.


Alison Can Read said...

Forbidding Planet was such a cool place. Did Sara get in touch with you about the books you left in the hotel room?

Megan said...

Yup. :) They were Kendra's. Sara's putting them in the mail. Thanks for going to Forbidden Planet with me! It was an awesome experience!!