Monday, June 18, 2012

Tiny Titans: Field Trippin' by Art Baltazar and Franco

I don't normally review children's books because honestly, what can you really say about them other than "it was great" and "this book is appropriate for children of this age" ?  BUT, Tiny Titans is different.  Tiny Titans is a comic geared for kids but lots of teens and adults read them because they are genius.  I had the pleasure of meeting Art Baltazar in New York at BEA and he is a stand up guy.  He was very sweet and gracious and willing to take pictures and talk about his latest comic.  My kids loved the Tiny Titans and they enjoy the Super Pets books and now that Art is on Super Family Adventures- they love that one too.  So when I had the chance to pick up 3 trades of Tiny Titans at Forbidden Planet in New York- I jumped at it.  My local store doesn't carry the kids comics because they don't sell for some reason.  They'll order anything we want but it was nice to be able to browse ALL the kid comics and trades.  So, without further ado, let's check out Field Trippin'!  Here's the Goodreads blurb:

These all-ages tales from the DC Universe, beautifully written and illustrated by Art Baltazar and Franco, will entertain new readers and seasoned fans of comics. In this new collection, Supergirl toddler-sits the tinier Tiny Titans. Then, the gang heads to the Fortress of Solitude for a super birthday party — which is crashed by a crew of Braniacs.

What makes this book great is that anyone can read it and find it funny and cute.  You don't need to be a comic reader to get it but some of the jokes are funnier if you know who all the characters are and what they're about.  This book compiles the Tiny Titans comics 26-32.  There's a story about Miss Martian thinking that Gizmo is her dolly and him trying not to be.  There's a story about Kid Devil going home with Raven and her dad.  Beppo and the Super Pets have a story.  Supergirl has to toddler sit in a story called "Babysitting Crisis of the Infinite Toddlers."  When things get rough for the toddler sitter, Miss Martian gets Beast Boy to come help out.  Then she gets Zachary Zatara to come up and do some magic for the toddlers.  Jericho has to use his powers to ... convince Zatara to do some magic.  Robin returns to the Tiny Titans treehouse to find it covered in animals- which Zatara now has to fit back in his magic hat.  Then it's a hair-tastrophy as Kid Flash runs through town causing everyone he passes to get big curly hair.  the Super Family has a birthday for Match at the Fortress of Solitude but it gets crashed by the Brainiac club out on a field trip and the Legion of Superheroes comes looking for Brainiac 5.  Beppo makes a trip to the Fortress too in a Super Pets short.  The final story included in the collected edition is Enter Kalibak which is the story of Lunch Lady Darkseid enrolling her kid in Side Kick Elementary.  This book is one of my children's favorites because they get to see Jason Toddler and Timmy (Drake) in the toddler sitting story and there's plenty of Conner and Krypto.  This series of comics is worth having.  Adults and children alike will enjoy the fun filled stories that make comics and their characters accessible to those who don't care for or aren't ready for the Teen labeled comics.  Currently, Art Baltazar and Franco have a monthly comic that you can pick up at your local comic shop or order online called Super Family Adventures.  You can also find the Super Pets books in the children's section at any book store.

You can find more from Art and Franco on Art's website!  You can even buy signed comics there!  

Tiny Titans: Field Trippin' earns 5 fairies for being a book that can keep my kids' attention for days on end AND get my 8 year old to read to his little brothers and sister.

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