Monday, October 22, 2012

Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite by Lianne Simon

I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to review Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite, a beautiful debut novel by Lianne Simon.  I have been seeing this book pop up in reviews all over the blogosphere and I had had it on my To Read List when I was approached to review it.  Here is the gorgeous cover and the Goodreads blurb:

Jamie was born with one testis, one ovary, and a pixie face. He can be like other boys after minor surgery and a few years on testosterone. At least that's what his parents always say. But he sees an elfin princess in the mirror and male hormones would only turn her into a hairy little monster. To become the man his parents expect, he must put behind him the hopes and dreams of a little girl. At sixteen, the four-foot-eleven soprano leaves home school for a boys' dorm at college. The elfin princess can live in the books Jameson reads and nobody has to know he isn't like the other boys. But then a medical student tells Jamie that he should have been raised female. Suppressed childhood memories stir and Jamie begins a perilous journey to adulthood. The elfin princess can thrive, but will she risk losing her family and her education for a boyfriend who may leave her, and a toddler she may never be allowed to adopt?
This book is one of my favorite reads of this year.  It really gripped me and I could not put it down once I started it.  Jamie and Jameson just made me love them.  I kept rooting for Jamie, that she would get what she needed to live a happy life.  Lisa was a beautiful soul who opened her heart to Jamie and offered her friendship when she dearly needed it.  Lisa become a kind of sister to Jamie.  Sean was also a favorite character for me, he was such a sweet and genuine man.  I think we all know that a good man is hard to find and Jamie sure finds herself one.  This book was a emotional and heart warming read.  I found myself re-reading some of it after reading through the first time just to remind myself of how lovely it was.  I hope that everyone will give this book a read because it will give you so much to think about.  What makes each of us who we are and how do we treat others.  Jamie faces judgement and mistreatment in her life but she never gives up.

You can find Lianne Simon on Twitter, Facebook and on her website.  You can click here to add this book to your Goodreads and I really hope that you will.  I will have an interview with the lovely Lianne Simon here on Wednesday so please stop back to read and comment.  This book earns 5 Fairies for a favorite new read.

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