Friday, November 2, 2012

Flash Friday!

Marvel Now Point One-  I'm going to level on this one.  I only bought it for the killer preview to the Young Avengers.  BUT I did kinda like the preview for Nova as well.  But overall, the only one I am adding to my pull is Young Avengers because it is going to be well drawn, funny and interesting.  I can't wait to see Billy and Teddy back together again.  YAY!  I was unsure about Kid Loki but he looks like he is going to be bringing some comedy and sass to the book.  Waiting for January is so hard!  There has been some news about the title already and everyone I know is chomping at the bit for it.  Speed isn't mentioned in the preview but the writer has said that we will find out where he has been and why in the first few books.  Wiccan, Hulking and Hawkeye will be back with some new members.  Miss America seems to be pretty important but I'm unsure who the others will be.  Maybe some members of the Runaways?  Anyway, I am ready for the new books from Marvel.  Young Avengers for the win!!!  3 Flashes to this book for 2 good previews.

You can find this title- In Print on MyComicShop and Digital on Comixology.

The Flash #13-  This book is my favorite.  Really.  The art is lovely and the writing is great.  This has to be one of the best books in the New 52.  Barry was not my favorite Flash prior to the reboot but I am loving him in the New 52.  Manapul and Buccelleto even made a complex, interesting and important rogue out of the Golden Glider who was a little silly and not a main rogue prior to the reboot.  Grodd and his gorillas having a tie to the Speed Force, is an interesting twist on the idea of talking, mind controlling gorillas.  Grodd has always been the most dangerous rogue that the Flash has and now he's even more scary.  I still want to know if Iris is ever going to come back.  We still don't see Flash fix all that happened while he was traveling through the speed force.  I wouldn't be opposed to more Piper either.  This book earns 5 Flashes for having it all- great art, great writing and an all around great story arc.

Batman Incorporated #4- This was one book that I've been super excited for!  Wingman and Redbird fight together and knowing who Wingman is in this issue.... oh man.  Jason Todd and Damian Wayne together.  WOW!  Grant Morrison writes a great Jay in this one.  But poor Damian will break your heart.  The ending of this book tore me apart.  All of Batman Incorporated makes an appearance in the book, of course.  Nightwing and Red Robin make appearances too but stick mostly to the background.  It seems odd to me that Dick Grayson would just go with Bruce treating Damian the way he does in this issue.  Dick and Damian are close.  Probably closer than Bruce and Damian.  I'm ready to see what is going to happen next.  I really hope that Bruce has a spectacular plan to work this all out.  The whole Batman family working together in this book was great, though.  I give this issue 4 Flashes for a book with great art, an emotional story and engaging characters.

Teen Titans #13-  This book was interesting.  Just Red Robin, Superboy and Wonder Girl on an adventure.  Cassie tells her origin story with some pithy commentary from Tim and Kon.  The art is nice but I miss Brett Booth doing the inside and not just the cover.  His art is lovely.  I'm really not sure what to think about this origin story for Cassie.  It makes it sound like there will never be a way for her to control the silent armor.  How will she be Wonder Girl if she can't?  I also wonder if Lobdell is going to rush the story line like he did with Red Hood and the Outlaws.  The end of this book shows Amanda Waller in what might be a lead up to the H'el on Earth crossover or who knows what really but the Teen Titans will be crossing into the Death of the Family story arc soon.  It will be interesting to see this play out and whether or not it turns into a god awful mess.  I give this book 3 Flashes for good art and plenty of Tim and Kon.  Cassie's story was not as interesting as it could have been.

Talon #1-  Scott Snyder has taken the Court of the Owls out of the pages of Batman and into a new book.  I love the idea that Calvin Rose was a different kind of Talon.  He's an escape artist instead of an aerialist or knife artist.  He's used his talents to run from the Court for years but after hearing about the Night of the Owls, he returns to Gotham to see if the rumors are true.  He then is charged with taking down the Court by cutting off their assets.  The art is lovely and the writing is top notch.  I think it would be poetic to see Talon brought into the Batman family of heroes.  He's what Dick Grayson was supposed to be.  He's the creation of the Court turned against them.  I give this one 4 Flashes for a great Batman spin off book.  I am going to add it to our pull.

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