Thursday, January 10, 2013

And... I'm back!

Happy New Year everyone!  It's been a long and crazy six weeks without my laptop.  My daughter thought she'd CLEAN the screen for me... by spraying half a can of Lysol on it!  Needless to say we needed a new screen.  Now 6 weeks and $160 later, I am back.  Most of the last six weeks my way to access the internet was on my Kindle or on my sons' 3DS.  Now conducive to doing much more than checking email really.  So I will attempt to fill you all in on everything you missed in one post!

On December 17th my husband and I made the trip to Millermeade Farms Critter Connection to get our newest family member.  They are a really knowledgeable breeder and I highly recommend them!  (Check out his super cute face!)  His name is Jaybird (in honor of Jason Todd, the second Robin and current Red Hood).  He is a super sweet little guy who loves to explore and is awesome with the kids.  He started quilling in the last two weeks so he was pretty grouchy but he seems to be getting over it.  He slept on my lap yesterday while I worked on catching up.  You will probably be seeing more hedgehog related posts on my Tumblr, Facebook and here.  Hope you like hedgies!

Best I've Read went off well even with Blogger AND Rafflecopter acting up.  Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!  Right now there's a blog tour going on for Shades of Earth by Beth Revis on my other blog- so please check it out!  Beth is giving away sets of signed books.

Now that I have computer access again, I have a stack of books that need reviewed.  I plan to start posting on Friday (1/11) with Flash Friday.  Later this month, the Provex City blog tour will be stopping by which should be great.  Hope you all had a great holiday season and that your new year is looking bright!


Mary Kirkland said...

Oh goodness, he's so cute!
I adopted a new family member last week too. A little 3 legged rat, I named Lucky.

Megan said...

Rats are awesome! My cousin has dumbo rats and naked rats. They are pretty cool! :)