Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baiting Ben (The Moon Pack # 2) by Amber Kell

I have enjoyed Amber Kell's Banded Brothers series so I thought I'd try one of her Moon Pack works while I was looking for some new Kindle Books. I chose Baiting Ben.

After leaving his old pack in Alaska, Benjamin is looking for a man to call his own. His Alaskan pack hadn't known what to do with a gay half wolf. The one man he'd hoped to bond with was missing on mate night which told Ben more than words that he needed to move on.

Unfortunately, just as he finds Thomas, his old love hunts Ben down to claim him. What is Ben going to do when two gorgeous werewolves both want him for their mate? Can he teach two alphas that sometimes it's more fun to share? Or will Ben be forced to choose between a new love or an old flame?

One thing I have learned about Amber Kell is that she loves alliteration in her book titles and this one is no different.  I am also learning that she writes many good books that could be great books if there was more to them.  I thought the whole story felt rushed and I really wanted more details.  Would things really go so fast?  Possibly but I doubt it.  I just wish that there was more to the story.  How did they each come to accept that they were trimates?  How does Anthony do what he did? Why was creepy Ned being creepy?  There are so many unanswered questions.

Click here to find Baiting Ben on Goodreads.  The entire Moon Pack series is found here.  You can also find out more about Amber Kell and her writing by checking out her blog.  She can also be found on Twitter.  Baiting Ben earns 3 Fairies for a good story that could have been better if there had been more of it.

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