Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kallen's Atonement (Lost Shifters #24) by Stephani Hecht

I recently purchased this ebook while spending some Amazon Gift Cards. I am always on the lookout for books with shifters who are not wolves. Wolves are amazing but it seems like every shifter in the post-Twilight world is a werewolf of some sort. I really like the idea of hyenas as shifters who are more than just creeps or comic relief. I love when they are shown in a light that is more fitting to the amazing creatures that they are. I also can not handle a weretiger. I mean, tigers are awesome but WERETIGERS are like awesome times infinity and add another infinity. Laurell K Hamilton and Charlie Richards are the QUEENS of well done weretigers but I am always on the lookout for more great weretigers. This book got a purchase for having both!

Sometimes you have to love yourself before you can learn to let somebody else love you.

Out of all the breeds in the shifter world, Hyenas are one of the most hated—even if they are only half-breeds like Kallen. So when Kallen joins up with the feline coalition, his welcome is less than warm. But at least he has his brother and a small group of friends to count on. Even though the rest of the felines and Hawks make it no secret that they hate him.

Tiger shifter Drake has been enamored with the Hyena ever since he saw him working as a medic in the infirmary. But so far, all his attempts to get closer to Kallen have fallen short. The Hyena seems skittish and afraid to trust anyone. Drake is determined not to let Kallen push him away.

Then old friends turn out to be new enemies of Kallen, and he’s in more danger than ever. Will he be able to trust Drake to protect him? Or will his fears be his own undoing?
I have only read one other of the Lost Shifters books, Ackley's Savior, so I am still getting used to the world in which the characters inhabit.  It seems to be some war riddled world that has pitted the wereanimal groups against one another.  It's a bit confusing to jump into the middle of the whole thing, really.  The world seems almost post-apocalyptic.  I really enjoyed the way that Drake went about proving to Kallen that he was sincere.  He is an Alpha/Dominant personality but he was willing to see that Kallen needed a gentler approach.  Drake is so caring of Kallen that he reigns his instincts in to be what Kallen needs.  It was adorable!  I wish we could have seen more of the growth between the characters.  I would also have liked to see how Kallen grew in the esteem of the Coalition and the Hawks.  Overall, just more everything would have made this one better.

You can click here to find Kallen's Atonement on Goodreads.  You can also find the whole Lost Shifters Series there.  Stephani Hecht can be found on her website and on Twitter!  I give Kallen's Atonement 3 stars because I felt that the story was a bit rushed.  I would have liked to see more about the growth in the boys' relationship.

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