Friday, May 2, 2014

Stranger on the Shore by Josh Lanyon

I was given a review copy of Stranger on the Shore in exchange for my honest review from Carina Press through NetGalley.  Check out the cover and blurb:

Twenty years ago, little Brian Arlington was kidnapped from his family's Long Island estate and was never seen again. The trail went cold, but investigative journalist Griff Hadley has always thought there was more to the story—much more. When the Arlingtons' patriarch invites him to stay at their estate to research his true crime book, Griff can't say no. It's the story of a lifetime.

But not everyone is happy about Griff's presence. Relatives and staff alike regard him coldly, including Pierce Mather, the Arlingtons' attractive lawyer, who is more than a little wary of Griff's motives.

When a stranger shows up claiming to be the long-lost Brian, Griff and Pierce are united in their suspicions. Startled to have found an ally in the buttoned-up lawyer, Griff soon realizes it's hard to keep a professional distance. Even in the midst of a groundbreaking investigation, even in the face of a shocking family secret…
I adored this book.  What a great book with so much mystery and intrigue.  I loved that you could never really tell how it was all going to end.  It kept me guessing which I appreciate in a mystery.  I hate when you know how it will end only part way through the first couple chapters.  I am tagging this as GLBT and M/M but really that is only for those who wish to avoid books with those themes.  This is not pure romance nor is the sexuality of the characters a focal point of the novel.  It is an absolutely amazing mystery that I loved.  The characters were well written and interesting.  The location and the mystery felt both historical and like something out of an Agatha Christy novel.  I highly recommend this one!

You can find Josh Lanyon on his website, Facebook and Twitter. Click here to find Stranger on the Shore on Goodreads.  I give Stranger on the Shore 4 Fairies for an awesome mystery with lots of intrigue and romance.

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Paij Slater said...

Sounds interesting that's or sure! I love it when a book keeps you guessing as well! Makes for a much better read! Great review