Friday, December 19, 2014

Imaginary by Jamie Sullivan

I received a copy of Imaginary by Jamie Sullivan from Less Than Three Press through NetGalley.  I really enjoyed it and found it to be unique.  Here's the Goodreads blurb and the cover:

Aaron is a lonely, unloved boy when he first meets James. Their friendship seems like a dream come true—or perhaps just a dream, because no one else can see or hear James. Aaron stubbornly clings to his new friend, however, even when the friendship makes him an object of scorn and ridicule. No matter the years that pass, or the challenges they face, Aaron refuses to give up on his best friend—but life might just find a way to take James from him anyway.

This book was adorable. Absolutely adorable. I loved almost every moment of this book!  I will let you know that there are moments of child neglect, child abuse and talk of being let down by the foster care system.  If those are triggers for you, be warned.  I found the idea of James to be interesting.  It took so long for Aaron and I to figure out what and who James really was.  I don't want to spoil it for you though so I am going to try not to say much more.  But what a story!  Highly recommended!

You can click here to add Imaginary to your Goodreads. You can find author Jamie Sullivan on her website and on Twitter. I give Imaginary 4 Fairies for a lovely story of friendship, love and the impossible.

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