Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rabbit Season by Megan Derr

I was so super excited to see Rabbit Season by Megan Derr available on NetGalley.  I stumbled across Backwoods Asylum by her about a year ago on Amazon and loved it.  I was so excited to see another lovely cover about interesting shapeshifter groups.  Here's the Goodreads blurb and the cover:

Sidney has quietly loved twin brothers Brook and Colby for years, watching and pining as they came to his house for the summer every year. Painfully aware that they have each other, have no reason to notice the unremarkable duck they grew up babysitting.

Then the twins and their mother are attacked days before an important meeting that will change the shifter world forever. When the twins come to stay with Sidney's family until the attackers are caught, Sidney learns that all things have their season, and even violent protests will not keep two rabbits from the man for whom they've been patiently waiting…

Warning: Story contains incest.

I found this book to be adorable and interesting. I love that Megan Derr put so many of the attributes of the shifters' animal sides into their human sides. The duck shifters were gabby and gossipy, just like every flock of ducks I have ever seen in the wild. The rabbit shifters acted like most rabbits I've raised over the years. They were about as inhibited as any rabbit I've bred or raised over my 18 years as a rabbit breeder. I found it more... funny than creepy. But I can see that this book may not be for everyone. Please take note of the trigger warning in the blurb above. Sidney was an interesting character. He was quiet for a duck. I loved the idea of his having two mates who were so different from each other. I believe wholeheartedly that there are people in this world who are not meant for only one person. Love is love and each of us has a different place in this world. Skylar from Backwoods Asylum made an appearance which was nice. I adore him so it was great to see more of him. Megan Derr is a master at making characters seem like real people. I really enjoy her works and I can not wait to see more from her in this vein.

Click here to add Rabbit Season to your Goodreads. You can find author Megan Derr on her website, Facebook and Twitter. I give Rabbit Season 3 Fairies for a lovely story of some interesting shape shifters. I wish it had been longer!

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