Monday, January 26, 2015

Last Rite (Personal Demons #3) by Lisa Desrochers

I began reading the Personal Demon Series years ago when I met Lisa Desrochers in New York at Book Expo America.  I loved the covers of her books and her amazing presence at YA events.  I had not had time to get my hands on a copy of Last Rite when it came out so when I saw it sitting on the self at the local library, I knew it was time.
In this final installment of the thrilling, edgy Personal Demons series, the battle between Heaven and Hell has become critical, and Frannie Cavanaugh is right at the center of it.

With the help of the powerful angel Gabe and demon-turned-mortal Luc, Frannie has been able to stay one step ahead of the forces of Hell. But when the demons killed Frannie's best friend and destroyed her brother, they raised the stakes. If Frannie wants to keep her family and friends safe, she knows she has no choice but to go on the run.

Their best defense is the power Frannie has been struggling to master, but her attempts to hone her skill go horribly awry. If Frannie doesn't learn fast, the consequences could be devastating--even apocalyptic.

What happens when you can't outrun Hell...or trust the ones you love?

I was not sure how Lisa Desrochers would be able to end this series in a satisfying way. I worried that every one of the characters that I had fallen in love with would die in an awful ending. I should have trusted Frannie and Lisa Dez more! The ending was so satisfying and interesting and believable that I loved it. I was so glad that it ended the way that it did. I loved the overall message that came from the story. I loved seeing God in a book about demons and angels. That has been my biggest complaint with Supernatural as they showed the battle for the world between Heaven and Hell. How could God be absent when that is going on?! Spoiler alert- God is not absent for Frannie. God is there to help her see the light in the darkness. I loved that we got more of Luc's viewpoint in this book. He is my favorite character overall. He is so sweet but also dark and complex. I love him to bits. Love him. I was so sad to see the series end but it was a satisfying ending. I feel like I don't need to know what happens to them after Last Rite. I feel like it is all going to be okay.

You can click here to find the Personal Demons series on Goodreads. Remember, you can find more on Lisa Desrochers and her books on her blog and you can follow her on Twitter. I give Last Rite 5 Fairies for a lovely ending to a great series that I adored!

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