Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Errant Prince by Sasha L. Miller

I recently received a copy of The Errant Prince from Less than Three Press through NetGalley. I adore Less Than Three Press so I had to give it a read. Here's the cover and Goodreads blurb:

Myron's task is easy enough on the surface: locate the runaway Prince Tamsen and bring him home. But Tamsen is not merely a talented wizard, he's an exceptionally stubborn one, and dozens of others have already failed at the task. When he manages to find the cabin where Tamsen is hiding, Myron isn't foolish enough to mistake the find for a victory.

Instead of attempting to drag the prince home by force, Myron tries a different tact: patience. He might not be able to best Tamsen magically or physically, but Myron can certainly out-stubborn him. He's nothing if not used to doing what other people say he can't.

But neither prince nor soldier expected stubbornness to be the crack in armor they've both become adept at wearing…

I found this story of friendship and romance to be absolutely adorable. I loved how casually and matter of factly Myron's gender was discussed. It was refreshing. I also loved the way that the author painted a picture with her words of the sweet little cottage and the magical prince who chooses to live there. It was so vivid and lovely. The idea that the two characters would become friends and then fall for each other is a great idea for a realistic romance in an unrealistic setting. I highly recommend this great little romance.

You can click here to add The Errant Prince to your Goodreads. You can also find author Sasha L. Miller on her website and on Twitter. I give The Errant Prince 4 Fairies for a sweet story or friendship becoming more.

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