Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hush Hush By Becca Fitzpatrick

I finished Hush Hush in about 6 hours. It was one of those books that you just could not put down. I loved every minute of this book, honestly. The characters were so real that you felt like you knew them about a few chapters. This book is one of those that just grabs you and sucks you in. I really identified with Nora. She feels like Everygirl, she could be you, me, your best friend, anyone really. Nora is a great heroine. She's strong and vulnerable at the same time. She has to be one of my favorite female leads that I have read in a while. And PATCH, wow. What can you say about Patch? He is such a great male lead. I just love the dichotomy in his character. He is so good and so bad and generally so yummy. You can't help but fall for the bad guy gone soft. Or maybe he is a good guy gone bad who still wants to be good.... who knows. But You find yourself hoping that Patch will convince Nora to trust him. You want to trust him and believe that he is the good guy. Patch is such an endearing character. He is a bad boy but a sweetheart at the same time, not unlike Damon on the Vampire Diaries TV show. While you know that Patch could be up to no good, you just don't want to believe it. As far as Fallen Angels go, I think Becca Fitzpatrick has created an amazing one. I feel like I really can't say much without being spoiler-y so I will just say that I loved that this story really kept me guessing. I will be reading Crescendo- the next book in this series, as soon as I possibly can. An excellent and addicting read all around.

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