Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy Book 6)

Last Sacrifice is the LAST BOOK in the Vampire Academy series.  I liked the series and was sad to see it end but at the same time, the love triangle has been hard to handle in these books because, in my opinion, there was no obvious right choice.  But I digress.  Basically, the story so far has followed Rose Hathaway a dhampir- a child of the race dedicated to protecting the Moroi (vampires) from the Strigoi (kinda like ghouls, feral vampires who are evil).  Rose's mother is one of the very best Guardians.  Over the course of the last five books Rose has battled Strigoi, killed Strigoi (earning her tattooed marks for her kills), she has found out who her father is, she's run away from school and fallen in love with her teacher and a Royal Moroi.  Busy girl. 

In Last Sacrifice, Rose has to make a choice about the two men she loves and she has to try to prove her own innocence while trying to help her BFF become Queen.  The book is a wild ride from start to finish but there is one thing that you know early on in the book and that comes as no shock to anyone- even the characters- at the end.  Knowing the result of that choice from the get go took a little of the excitement out of the book for me.  It also didn't help that I liked the guys equally so the one who got the boot... my heart just broke for him.  BUT that character is going to be a focus for the new spin off, "Bloodlines," which is slated to comes out on August 23.  Last Sacrifice was still an awesome book and even though the end of the series is bittersweet, I still think this may have been the best book in the series.  I really feel like I shouldn't say much beyond "this was the best book" because there were SO many story lines being tied up in this book that it feels like everything in the book is a spoiler.  Just go read the books!

Last Sacrifice earns 4 Fairies for a good ending to the series, if a bit bittersweet.

If you haven't read the Vampire Academy books, be sure to check them out.  You can also learn more on Richelle Mead's website.  Richelle also writes the Georgina Kincaid books (they have Succubus in the title) and the Dark Swan books (about a shaman) and Bloodlines will be a new series.  You can also find Richelle on Twitter, Facebook, and LiveJournal.  Now, Let's have a moment of silence for the end of Vampire Academy and then a loud Huzzah for the beginning of Bloodlines!


Michele L said...

I Loved this series!! And I didn't know that there was going to be a spinoff!! THATS awesome news!!

Megan said...

yeah. it's going to be pretty kewl.

Kristi The Book Faery said...

I am so psyched about Bloodlines! I had hoped she'd do a spin-off!

Nice review :O}

Megan said...

Well, neither Dimitri or Adrian was really a wrong choice in my book so it stank that only one could get the girl. Hope ...the not with the girl one.... gets his happy ending in Bloodlines.