Friday, June 3, 2011

Personal Demons (Personal Demons Series #1) by Lisa Desrochers

I had the great fortune to meet Lisa Desrochers, author of Personal Demons and the upcoming Original Sin, at BEA and Teen Author Carnival.  Lisa is a really awesome lady who has a great voice and some wicked hot book boys in her books!  I have been trying to get my hands on a copy of Personal Demons for months so I was more than happy to buy a copy for Lisa to sign at the Teen Author Carnival.  And I have to say that after reading it, Personal Demons was SO worth the wait!

Let's start with the cover.  I love it.  You have Frannie in the middle with her hand on Luc (Woot for Team Luc!) and Gabe is strutting in the background.  I love how you can see the red glow in Luc's eyes and the ethereal wings behind Gabe.  SO cool.  In case you guys missed it, I am totally TEAM LUC!  I LOVE that Lisa wrote him as a redemptive character, I just love that.  Gabe... eh.  Angels are cool and all but the idea of love saving someone- hot!  Plus, who doesn't love the bad boy with a heart of gold?
In Personal Demons, we see things from either Luc or Frannie's point of view in alternating perspectives.  This is great because Luc is a pretty complex and interesting guy and it's good to get a guy's point of view.  Luc is a demon sent from Hell to tag a soul for Hell.  His mark is someone important that the previous lower level demons sent have not been able to find.  Luc begins his search at Haden High school.  He's so good that he finds his mark on his first day: Mary Frances "Frannie" Cavanaugh.  Getting her to make a habit of sinning and then marking her soul for Hell should be a walk in the park for Luc but he doesn't count on having competition or finding that Frannie can change his brimstone heart.  Gabe appears on the scene shortly after Luc does and he is going to be stiff competition for Frannie's soul because Gabe is a Dominion, an angel third in rank to God Himself.  Frannie finds herself pursued by both boys and she has feelings for them both but can she choose one?  If so, which will she choose: dark or light?  And what will happen if she chooses?

This book is amazing.  Honestly.  I am not exaggerating.  I love that Lisa does something unique in having the demon fall for his mark and the girl fall for him too.  I love Luc to bits because he's so bad but so good.  He's a real redemptive character who we watch change over the course of the book and let's face it, he's hot (literally)!  Gabe is great too but not my favorite.  I like that Frannie is a kick butt, take charge kind of girl.  Her kick assery (yes, that is a word.  Learned it at the Teen Author Carnival) makes the book feel like an edgy, YA Urban Fantasy.  I really enjoyed it.  It's great to get a female lead in a YA who is not whiny for the majority of the book.  Frannie is a great role model for teens in that she tries to do the right thing but makes mistakes and bad choices, like anyone.  She's far from perfect but she still tries to do the right thing.  She's also fiercely loyal and she has great taste in boys!

This book is a great read for teens 16 and up due to teenage drinking and sexual shenanigans.  Be sure to check out tomorrow's review of Original Sin, the next Personal Demons book which comes out July 5th!  You can find out more about Lisa Desrochers and her books on her blog and by following her on Twitter!  Seriously, check her out because she is wicked cool!

Personal Demons gets 5 Fairies for a sexy demon, a golden angel and the snarky grease monkey they're both after.


Frosy said...

I recently finished this book and loved it! So team Luc! lol Great Review!

soulunsung said...

Great review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, this looks like a fun read. I hadn't heard about it, until now. It's definitely going on my "to be read soonish," list. :)

Suz @ Soul Unsung

Megan said...

YES!!! Woot for Team Luc!!! High five, sister!!!

And YES!!! read this!! :)