Friday, January 20, 2012

Flash Friday!

Welcome back everyone!  This week's comics were Nightwing, Batman and Red Hood and the Outlaws.  I think the cool graphic by DoctorMeii on Tumblr is pretty fitting for this week.  We have Dick Grayson being relegated to Nightwing and losing his Best Friend, Wally "The Flash" West.  Losing the finger stripes on the Nightwing suit was probably as bad as losing Wally in Dick's mind.  True facts.  Next week will be a big week for comics again with Teen Titans, Justice League and The Flash.  My husband's favorite comic, The Savage Hawkman, also has a new issue set for release next week.

I also wanted to share some super useful videos that I happened across the other night.  They can help you store your comics in boxes properly.  They can show you how not to store your comics.  You can see how to properly protect your comics and even how to start your collection.  I really found the videos to be super helpful and informative.  Personally, I am using the short boxes with lids but I intend to eventually change over to the filing boxes- simply put, my comic book store only carries the boxes with lids and the box sleeves are expensive so I haven't ordered them yet.  Currently, my husband and I have about 50 books but we've only been collecting for about a month.  So boxes are a must.  Now, let's see what we bought this week.

Batman #5- Batman has been taken by the Court of Owls.  Elsewhere in the city, Commissioner Gordon, Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and Catwoman are searching frantically for him.  Batman has been attacked and probably drugged while he wanders the lair of the court.  The book is set up to disorient the reader so that they feel what Batman feels.  A very emotional book that has me chomping at the bit for book #6.  My only question about the book is that we don't see Red Robin searching with his brothers.  Is it because he's out dealing with Nowhere already?  I'm not sure how the 52 time lines all fit together yet.  But this was an excited and emotional book.  Batman #5 earns 4 Flashes purely because of the evil cliff hanger.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #5-  Wow.  Epic book.  Roy races to the lake shore to find Starfire a mess and being attacked by Crux.  He fights off the bad guy and manages to have a touching moment with Starfire before the two of them have to face the monster again.  Jason manages to kill the Untitled just as the villagers notice what's going on... and the monster takes on human form in death.  Crap.  So Jason goes running to get the others and they all run for it.  I really loved this book.  Jason may be pretty to look at and I totally get his misguided daddy issues but for me, Roy Harper is the star of this series.  He's not the typical Roy that you see in the previous comics where Arsenal is a member of the Justice League or even the Roy "I'm a total badass & better than all of you" Harper that you see in the current incarnation of Young Justice.  He's more accessible in Red Hood and the Outlaws.  My only issue with Roy is that they have him going by Arsenal but he's only used arrows as yet.  Arsenal previously was the name Roy took after becoming an all around projectile weapons master.  Red Hood and the Outlaws #5 earns 5 Flashes for generally awesome Roy-ness, for him calling Jason "Jay-bird" and for Jason's generally kick butt back story flash back.

Nightwing #5- Dick Grayson is still with Haly's circus as they make their way to New Orleans.  He's still trying to figure out the mystery of the circus and why Raya won't talk to him.  Once they reach New Orleans, one of the clowns is taken by a rhyming demon.  Really.  And Nightwing, of course, gives chase. he saves Jimmy the clown and apprehends the woman who summoned the demon and heads back to the circus.  And on the last page we find out something shocking about Raya.  DUM DUM DUM!!!  I personally think that Dick wouldn't get into half of the trouble that he does if he'd stop getting involved with every woman he comes in contact with.  Just saying.  So, Nightwing #5 earns 4 Flashes for some awesome Dick Grayson action, a ridiculous villain and for a crazy cliff hanger.

Next week, we'll have The Flash #5, Teen Titans #5, and Justice League #5.  Should be good times.  

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