Friday, July 13, 2012

Flash Friday!

The pull this week was awesome!  We didn't get comics last week because of the holiday so this week we had: Arkham Unhinged 4, Batman 11, Batman & Robin 11, Superboy 11, Green Arrow 11 and Ravagers 3.  It was an awesome week to be a Batman fan for sure!  All the DC comics have a little ad strip across the top of the covers for The Dark Knight Rises, there was a great picture of the audience for Scott Snyder's comic con panel and there was word that in the new releases due out in September, there will be a new Batman spin off title: Talon.  Sounds interesting.  I also got the awesome news that contrary to a rumor going around, Blue Beetle will not be canceled after the August issue.  There's still hope for Jaime yet!  Now, on to the comics.

Green Arrow #11-  This may be the best issue of Green Arrow yet.  I love that we are FINALLY getting the activist Ollie back.  He's still abrasive and a jerk but that is Ollie's personality too.  I really enjoyed getting to see Ollie as more than a brash, womanizer who only wants to help himself.  Oliver Queen is far from perfect, but he believes in doing the right thing and helping others.  How can you be a hero if you don't?!  I'm still a little unsure about the art but I think we're getting there.  Ollie looked a bit like a boy band member again but at least his character is right and Green Arrow is doing what he does best: fighting like hell even when the chips are down.  I give this issue 4 Flashes for a book that is finally starting to live up to my expectations.  I still miss the Van Dyke though.  Seriously, the facial hair made Green Arrow and now we're just going to have to get used to not having it.

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The Ravagers #3-  Ravagers is ... interesting, this issue.  We see Brother Blood searching for the Ravagers because one of them is the key.  Whatever that means.  It can't be good because when Brother Blood shows up... things go down in a BAD way.  Beast Boy sees Brother Blood's coming in a vision and rushes to rescue those who are being sacrificed to the cult.  I'm still not used to him being red.  Fairchild, Ridge, Thunder and Lightning are confronted by Blood and his cult followers.  I really don't think that is gonna end well for Thunder at least.  Yuck.  I'm not really sure where the story is going yet but it's interesting enough that I want to find out.  This book earns 3 Flashes for a pretty good book with decent art.  I have high hopes for Terra and BB so I hope things pan out for them.

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Superboy #11-  I really liked this issue.  Probably my favorite Superboy to date.  (New 52 wise.)  I loved seeing Kon and Bunker together.  It's still weird to know that they exist in a world that has not yet embraced the heroes who routinely save them.  I liked the dynamic of Bunker and Kon bonding and working together.  It was sad not to see Kon bonding with Tim since their pre-reboot selves had an epic friendship but maybe Bunker is going to be something amazing and maybe his friendship with Kon is going somewhere.  My only complaint about this book is that Kon looks amazing on the cover and he looks like a dork.  I wish the inside looked as nice as the outside- as far as SB is concerned.  The dialogue was really well written and I loved the moment when the burly guy that Bunker rescues hits on him.  I kinda want to just go "now kiss" and smush their little faces together, Bunker and Kon that is.  I think they work well together and that they kind mesh well.  I also hope that this incarnation of Kon doesn't end up with Cassie.  I hate that they always stick them together.  But I guess we'll see.  Overall this issue earns 4 Flashes for a book that I loved but the interior art of Kon was lacking and it should not be- it is HIS book.

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Arkham Unhinged #4-  This issue has a number of back stories contained in one place.  We see how Harley and Joker started out in Arkham City, that hallucinations have been making their way through the city, how Mr. Freeze ended up in Arkham City and how badly Dr. Hugo Strange wants to bring down Batman.  I love the art in these comics.  They are so visually stunning.  I also appreciate the back story that we get in this series.  The Arkham City game is great and getting to see more of what happened between the Arkham Asylum game and the Arkham City game storylines is really great.  I give this book 4 Flashes for great art and interesting story lines.  I hope we get to see some Robin and Nightwing.  That would make these books.

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Batman #11-  It's the end of the Court of the Owls story line.  It's a gritty, fast paced and satisfying ending for sure.  We learn as much as we can about the truth behind Lincoln March, the Court of Owls and the Pennyworths and Waynes.  I loved the scene with Bruce and Dick interacting.  So good.  It was great to see Dick acting like he always has.  He brings lightness to the Dark Knight and he heals Bruce when he needs it.  They just work so well together.  I love it.  The trust and respect that has built up over the years between them is just epic.  The art in this issue is great- as always.  I loved every moment of this issue and can't wait to see where Scott Snyder is going to take us next.  This book earns 5 Flashes for a great comic with wonderful story and art.
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Batman & Robin #11-  In this issue, Damian fights the Red Hood for well, the Red Hood.  I loved seeing them together.  I just wish that Damian was old enough and mature enough to really grasp what Jason was telling him.  Terminus also has his people running through the city branding people with the bat symbol which leads Batman and Robin to take the fight to them.  It's interesting to watch Bruce and Damian work together.  Damian is not like Tim, Jason or Dick as Robin.  Damian has issues with following orders and listening but he also has a hard time with not criticizing his dad.  Damian will make a great Batman but I think he will always struggle with being Robin.  He works so well on his own but he needs to find a way to meld his style of Robin with his father's style of Batman.  They are well on their way but they just aren't there yet.  Tomasi is a master of writing Damian and this book earns 5 Flashes for a great story and good art.

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Next week we'll have Birds of Prey, Blue Beetle, Justice League, Nightwing, Red Hood & the Outlaws and Young Justice!  Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy this panel from Batman & Robin #11- Damian is SUCH a little troll!!

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